3 Myths About Cannabis You've Probably Heard Before

Cannabis is gaining popularity by the day for its variety of industrial and health uses. Unfortunately, it's been plagued by misinformation and confusion.

Even with the boatload of scientific studies that are popping up about all the benefits, you or someone you know grew up with some of these myths and they inevitably shaped your (or their) opinion about cannabis.

There's no doubt about it: these myths were created to scare consumers from touching the plant. But here are 3 myths debunked so you can have a better idea of this not so negative plant.

Myth #1 - Cannabis is a gateway drug

How many people do you know (or even yourself) that have tried cannabis and had the idea to go shoot up heroin right after? You'd probably say, "Seriously?! Well, actually...no one... me either!"

Fact is studies are suggesting that the old gateway theory is not actually as true as we were once told. 

Cannabis is now being found to have the opposite effect - helping people come off harder drugs.

Consumers typically find cannabis to be a gateway to relaxation, creativity, improved quality of life, and happiness, not harder drugs.

Myth #2 - Cannabis makes you stupid

Well sure, any substance that you put in your body can make you slow and ignorant. How many times have you forgotten what you were doing or done something you regret after taking too much cold medicine, a prescription drug, or alcohol?

Yes, studies have shown that cannabis use in adolescents does contribute to some problems regarding development.

However, with the number of chemicals in teens’ food, their beloved energy drinks, the inevitable alcohol and cigarettes they will try, and other drugs they might be peer pressured into trying, cannabis isn’t the only culprit.

The argument that cannabis makes anyone young or old stupid, needs to be followed by “but alcohol can make you stupider and kill you."

Myth #3 – Cannabis has no medical value

Real quick – Google “Patent #6,630,507” 

Hmmm. Our own government owns a patent to the medical benefits of the non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis. Meanwhile, cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no significant medical value.

Very interesting.

The fact is there are countless studies connecting cannabis with improved health conditions such as seizures, symptoms of AIDS, pain, increasing appetite, and many more.

These myths have been perpetuated to continue to criminalize the plant, even though we encounter many other substances on a regular basis that can be even more harmful. 


These are just a few of the common myths about cannabis. What others do you know?

Let us know in the comments!


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