How Much CBD Should I Take?

How much CBD oil you take is completely up to you.

Because CBD isn't regulated, and because there are no actual dosages, how much you take will be trial and error.

It's important to start slow and with a small amount though.

Many consumers start with a few drops of a tincture a day and see how they feel. Try this for yourself and give it a few days. Note any changes in how you feel, how you sleep, your pain levels. Keep a journal!

It might take awhile to get your specific dosing because what works for someone else might not be for you. Especially depending on what you're using it for.

It is very advised, however, that if you're taking any pharmaceuticals or other supplements, that you start with a very low amount. You should also consult with a health practitioner who is knowledgeable about how CBD might interact with whatever you're taking.

No one that sells or promotes CBD can legally tell you how to take CBD. Choosing to incorporate CBD into your life should come with research and an understanding of what CBD is and how it will affect you. It takes time and experimenting to see what will work best for you. Below are a few guidelines: One full dropper is approximately 1 mL

  • 1000mg tincture has approximately 66.66mg of CBD in 1 mL
  • 500mg tincture has approximately 33.33mg of CBD in 1 mL
  • 250mg tincture has approximately 16.66mg of CBD in 1 mL

CBD is helping many people with many different health issues but is still very new and there is no one specific way to use it. Many are turning to alternative health aids like CBD because they want more control over their health. Here's to your health!



If you have a specific dose that you take, put it in the comments for someone else to get a better idea of where they might start!

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